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Yemen is a public relations disaster for the Obama administration.

Yemen is clearly a public relations disaster for the Obama administration is, but the real question is: Why the deteriorating situation in Yemen has been widely affected the interests of the United States?

Information network, public relations of Iran (Shara), Peter Brvk- you should be surprised that the White House has a lot to fight global terrorism to strategic mistakes, judgments and statements in the past few years has been committed.

General withdrawal from Iraq as "al-Qaeda" claims, bad governance Syria expelled from the Islamic state as a team, "Jay's" and the latest Tinker foreign policy towards Yemen in late September as President Obama claims The story of the fight against terrorism.

After closure of the Embassy of United States of America in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in February of last week Washington decided to leave the country and his own military advisers to pull out of the terrorist hot spot.

These success stories are the same.
Of course, this is very bad for Yemen, more talent, power and special operations forces in the world have kept themselves away from this story.

The loss of the United States of America Task Force means that they can not help Yemeni security forces and most importantly that they are unable to valuable intelligence about what is happening unite.

Now, we do not want About Yemen completely deaf, dumb and blind to stay because of the use of US drone attacks and the ability to collect data and share information assets he enjoy America. But fewer Americans have access to first-hand sources.

Good way "early warning" Policy development and implementation is crucial as it is important.

Yemen is clearly a crisis for public relations The Obama administration is, but the real question is: Why the deteriorating situation in Yemen has been widely affected the interests of the United States?

I digress strategic for Washington policymakers in an increasingly unstable international environment are present. Think about this: Iraq, Syria, the Islamic government and al-Qaeda, Iran's nuclear talks, Afghanistan, Ukraine-Russia and ...

This is a list of tasks that must be done.
Next, thanks to the new "Great Game" in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Iran pits competitors against each other in proxy support on the meeting in Riyadh, a Sunni Yemeni government and the Houthis have been Tehran's support for Shiites.

In addition, without a central government, Yemen is essentially a failed state and provide a lot of room to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Islamic government for planning, training and operations ...

Finally: Location, location, location. Yemen and borders the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden the most important areas of shipping, including warships from the United States. This place is like rising to the Iranians.
In fairness, this stuff is difficult.

But last Tjvlat in Yemen to properly answer this question the policy of the Obama administration and its performance in relation to the problem of Islamic extremism has led only to worsen the situation.

Source Reference: Public Relations Department of Iran News Agency "Shara"

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