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Dash points and Al-Saud.

Transport News: German newspaper "Dyvlt" in the same article of Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Syria in Iraq's Dash cruelty and the destruction of historic buildings and ancient city of Sanaa, Yemen, Saudi fighters by pointing out that since 1986 a UNESCO World Heritage cultural capital Arabs in 2004 was considered.

Senior correspondent network "Fox News" Saudi Arabia greatest threat to America and said his country's ruling family in Saudi Arabia and were involved in the September eleven attacks. Riyadh as well as groups like al-Qaeda, Dash, and Alnsrh Bvkvhram support and supply financial resources all evil and terror groups in the world.

James Petras, Middle East expert in New York, referring to the possibility of supplying chemical weapons to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan Dash said production of such weapons can be lethal partnership with America or the Persian Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia has been a sworn enemy to the government of Bashar Assad knows. He says that such weapons Dash to achieve this is to have received from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or that of America in the Iraqi arsenal that had collected in the past twelve years to be achieved. A third possibility is that they have the scientists who could create such weapons, those that come from Western countries, the borders with Turkey and Jordan have joined Dash.

The Middle East expert said that most recruitment for the Dash so-called moderate groups that supported America, Europe Union, Turkey and the Saudis, and number of escapees from these groups, with their own weapons Dashy were taken. Hence, it is very difficult to distinguish between moderate and Dash and others have no meaning. According to him, moderate and Dash now have formed a common front that will overthrow the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad.

Saudi Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour Altryky while joining in 2284 at the explicit statements of the citizens of this country Dash and said only about 645 of these people have returned to Saudi Arabia.

Joint operations

"Mzavy Rashid" Saudi writer and researcher in a similar analysis of the laws of Saudi Arabia Dash known terrorist group and stressed the Saudi Arabian regime Dash has joined an international coalition to fight terrorism, but behavior like this. He pointed out the similarities between Saudi Arabia and our Dash writes one of the common desire of the two parties and other death penalty is in public.

He pointed to the beheading of a woman accused of killing her 7-year-old Myanmar tying a rope around the neck of the woman's husband said Saudi security forces in black from head to toe, the executioner put to the sword in his hand Vkshydnd, waiting for her to remain calm to cut off the neck. But the woman yelled as I Nkshtm, I Nkshtm, you will not forgive. She was frustrated executioner of calm, security forces and by pulling the rope from the rope to his neck, she was beheaded.

Mzavy Rashid said the woman, "Bassam Abdul Lily" was called, a fifth of whom was beheaded in Saudi Arabia in 2015 and one of the security forces who secretly filmed the scene of beheading his phone Lily was arrested. He will be punished in Saudi Arabia. Islamic law in the country as extreme runs and purpose of the punishment of violent intimidation of the people. Then Mzavy Rashid writes: Dash in Syria and Iraq, Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as Saudi act. Saudi judicial system of Islam is not the problem, but far removed from religion, because the judges of the college in the name of "Muhammad bin Saud" in Riyadh graduate the University of Wahhabism is the base and the rights that Islam gives people has been limited. Another problem is the dependence of judges Saudi Interior Ministry, Mohammed bin Nayef, Saudi Interior Minister Nayef and his father, the Interior Ministry have become instruments of oppression.

The report said the new government, including a large number of Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabis have to impose their extreme interpretation of the religion of the people diligently to subdue people and forcing them to try to follow the Saudi royal regime. Saudi Arabia to defend freedom of expression and of the coalition partners to fight terrorism, but the country's violent punishment is inconsistent with the claim Msyvlansh.

American Internet newspaper "The Huffington Post" in a report, referring to the relationship between Wahhabism and to split the ruling elite in Saudi Arabia Dash and Dash wrote some fight against the government and confirmed Shiite war between Sunnis and Shiites know war during which a new age in the heart of the state where the historical heritage of their Sunni (Iraq), formed and fanatical Salafi ideology Dash run. The American newspaper wrote then, but other than Dash Saudis are afraid of riots on "Brotherhood" are reminiscent of the Wahhabi against Abdul Aziz, the Saudi Wahhabi rebellion that nearly collapsed in the late 1920s Knd.bsyary of Arabia Dash deeply concerned about radical theory and gradually questions about aspects of policy discourse and Saudi Arabia, they are formed.

After the establishment of the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi jihadist and religious fanatics had a revolutionary movement to the movement -Tkfyry social, political and religious conservatives justify become an institution that is loyal to the family of Saud and the absolute power of the king. With the influx of money windfall from oil sales, the targets Arabia in the Islamic world was the spread of Wahhabism. Wahhabi Islam is the religion of the different voices, "an idea" was limited, belief that he could overcome the national differences. Billions of dollars were invested to expand and reveal the power of software and continues to this day continues.

Spend billions of dollars to the projects of common interest Arabia and America's soft power to manage the Wahhabi Muslim world led to levels of education, social and cultural rights in the Islamic regions take root.

This has led to the West's policies tied with Saudi Arabia and the country, especially in the Middle East following the developments. The decision of the meeting of King Abdul Aziz and Theodore Roosevelt on a US Navjngy taken so far will continue.

Dash a movement of the "second generation of Islamic government" is the group rather than on its activities to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will follow the benchmarking of the first Caliph. The group claims the Saudis strongly about the sovereignty of the Islamic world rejects your claim, but rather the rule in the Muslim world and beyond to extend his rule over the world.

In this way, Dash wants to continue the same way that Saudi Arabia had started many years ago and it has come to nothing. The most important difference between the Dash and Dash is Saudi oil wealth has also occupied certain areas in Iraq, and Syria has been trying to somehow bring oil capital. Dash knows without such capital to survive even in areas not under its occupation.